Work for Money Design for Love

Ένα από τα πιο εξαιρετικά βιβλία που διαθέτω στην βιβλιοθήκη μου με απαντήσεις στις πιο Συχνές Ερωτήσεις για την εκκίνηση και την εκτέλεση μιας επιτυχημένης επιχειρηματικής προσπάθειας πάνω στο design.

“Όταν δίνετε στον πελάτη κάτι δωρεάν, στέλνετε το μήνυμα ότι όλα θα είναι δωρεάν (ή τουλάχιστον εξαιρετικά μειωμένα). Και αυτό είναι κακή διαχείριση. ”
“Ο Antoine de Saint-Exupery είπε κάποτε:” Ένας στόχος χωρίς σχέδιο είναι απλά μια ευχή. ”
“Εμπιστοσύνη σημαίνει να πιστεύεις στον εαυτό σου. Εάν δεν πιστεύετε ότι αυτό που έχετε να προσφέρετε είναι αξίας, τότε κανείς δεν θα το πληρώσει ».


“Imagine sitting a successful, self-employed designer down for a few hours, plying him with pretty much every question you can think of, and also getting him to cough up the goods from tons of his successful designer mates, this is what you’d end up with.”
Richard Knobbs

“Full of sound and practical advice for the design professional. If you plan to launch a design business, or are in the middle of figuring out how to make it all work, this book shows you how.”
Grace Oris

“A great guide to running a design studio.”
Moving Brands

“I established my design firm in 2004, after 20 years of experience with some of the most highly regarded brand identity firms. I wish David had written this ten years ago. It confirmed information that took me years to acquire and provided many useful insights into creating an online presence and moving beyond clients. David blends his own experiences with those of other designers from around the world to hit on every issue one needs to consider in running a design business.”
Jerry Kuyper

“A treasure trove of insights, advice and guidance on the fine details of getting a design business off the ground. David and a number of contributors share their stories and explain how these formative experiences shaped their careers as designers.”
Tom Actman

“An essential tool for converting my emotionally-fulfilling (although bankrupt) business into a money-making one. Reading this made me feel at par with many designers that I admire. We should be obligated to read while going through design school.”
Lorena Vogeler

“Skillfully collated and contextualised, the book is brimming with tips and lessons learned from designers such as Ivan Chermayeff, Simon Manchipp and Mike Dempsey.”
Bobby Burrage

“Draws upon the experiences of many established creatives, each willing to share their knowledge so you can learn from their experiences and improve on yours. I’ve added this book to the required reading list for my students and I thoroughly recommend that you read it too.”
Con Kennedy

“I love that the book is full of practical advice. It helped me to make more money, have a better work/life balance, and develop fulfilling relationships with my clients. What more can I say?”
Ciprian Gavriliui

“Clear, concise, and extremely practical advice for independent graphic designers.”
Quinn Papazian